This page is where you will find information on topics that include stretching, injuries and prevention. 

There are so many gadgets for injury prevention, which shall I choose?

My top choices are listed below 

From left to right 

**The Stick**

This is used for general rolling. Great for travel. About $25 at many running stores and online

**Massage ball**

Comes in various sizes. My favorite is the pink one. It's a Lacrosse ball, cost is roughly $2.

Great for IT Band, Calves & Glutes. Concentrates on pin pointing hard to reach spots.

**Foam and/or high density roller**

For general rolling. Great for upper/lower back, IT Band & quads. This is a must-have tool for all runners. From about $25 and up depending on material and size. At most running stores and online. Most chiropractors carry these too. 

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