Cross Country Hydration: Alkaline Water

Posted by Valerie Sell on Monday, September 26, 2016 Under: Hydration

We all know that water and hydration is important before and after a workout and race. But how well does a runner especially a distance runner need to hydrate to reach optimal performance?

During the day a cross country runner should be drinking around four 16 oz water bottles throughout the span of the day to be hydrated for a later afternoon workout or evening workout-(high school schedule).  Normal water that you get pre bottled from stores are good, they come pre-filtered and with some healthy minerals for taste and overall health. But there are smarter waters, for example Alkaline 88 water. Alkaline has ph in it along with electrolytes and minerals for taste and recovery. You may be asking what is ph,  and how does that affect my hydration? Everyone has a ph level,  it is responsible for a more advanced level of hydration that is crucial for distance runners. Raising your ph level increases efficiency of hydration and allows the flow of oxygenated blood to be more fluid allowing the runner to perform at optimal efficiency along with training.

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